Bank wire

Bank wire is a transfer of funds from your account to our account or payment of an invoice for an order at a bank in cash.

Upon completion of the order, you receive an invoice on which is indicated:

  1. Order number
  2. Total order amount
  3. Money receiver
  4. Payment details

Step-by-step instruction

Transfer the order amount to the account specified in the invoice. In the details, specify only the account number. (Attention! No need to specify for which products you pay. Write only what is mentioned in Payment details.).
Save the confirmation of the transfer of money until we receive your payment.
Be sure you confirm the payment in your account.
You can confirm your payment in Personal account in Confirm payment section. Fill in the form: Choose order number, Payer’s name, Payment amount.

This is necessary in order for us to identify your payment and send you an order.

! After you receive your order, please enter your personal account and confirm receipt of the order. So we will know that this transaction is completed.